Lead Sub Oxide

Grey Oxide is utilized on a broad scale for planning of plates in Lead Acid Batteries which expects generation to strict details .Refined Lead (99.97% virtue) ingots are the required contribution for our LSO fabricating plant, which utilizes the ball process. It contains a little Lead Melting Furnace, working in accordance with a hemispherical ball-throwing machine, which sustains the balls to the ball process .
In the ball process, Lead is changed over to Lead Sub Oxide in an exothermic procedure, in states of a kept up temperature scope of 135-145 degrees centigrade and steady wind stream. The Gray Oxide is gathered through a high proficiency typhoon, sack house filtration unit and enlistment draft fan course of action. It is in a dark powder shape. The coveted molecule size and free Lead content is guaranteed through legitimate plant design and exact control of ID Fan suction .

For a long time the plates of lead corrosive battery have been created from Lead Oxide, a blend of finely isolated lead and tetragonal PbO in the extent of 30% lead and 70% PbO. In spite of the fact that this material is for the most part acceptable, it experiences the hindrances that it is variable in piece and requires protracted handling in the wake of sticking to oxidize free lead. Plates produced using Lead Oxide likewise require cycling before they accomplish full limit.

color Crystal Structure Apparent densitygm/cc Retention on 63 micron IS sieve % max Retention on 325 mesh% Water Absorbtion mg/gm Acid Absorbtion mg/gm Free Lead(%max) Combined Lead monoxide % formed
Blackish to Greenish Grey Tetragonal 1.4-1.6 6% Max 8% Max 110 - 120% 160-200% 25-40 60-75

Iron(fe) Copper(cu) Antimony(Sb) Silver(Ag) Bismuth(Bi)
<10 PPM <10 PPM <10 PPM <40 PPM <150 PPM