Solder Bars

A broadly useful weld utilized as a part of the fastening of ferrous based compounds. This compound offers palatable imperiousness to rust properties and is typically utilized where warm necessities are unstable.

Product Details

Our welds bars are most elevated quality review for printed circuit board industry. Extraordinary throwing systems utilizing water chilled controlled gadget give uncommonly perfect, oxide free and homogeneous weld combination. Accessible PB Free Bars and Anodes with various Composition against arrange.


• Extruded sticks can be supplied in 4mm to 12mm Dia
• Casted Sticks are in Trapezoidal shape x 350mm


• (Tin/ Silver), (Tin/ Copper), (Tin/ Silver/ Copper)

Physical Properties

• Color: Gray/Silver
• Melting Range: 361° - 421° F (solid to liquid)
• Brinell Hardness: 14HV
• Shear Strength: 5200 psi
• Tensile Strength: 6000 psi

Composition (Tin/Lead) Thickness (mm) Size Packing type
63/67 4mm to 12mm As per requirement Polythene Bags